Stomach Aesthetics

Stomach Aesthetics

Tummy Tuck (Abdominaplasty)

Abdominaplasty is the one the most popular surgeries procedures performed for restoring weakened muscles and achieving a flat and well-toned abdomen area. Through a tummy tuck surgery you can have a firmer and smoother abdominal appearence.

Who are the candidates for tummy tuck ?
Candidates who have their ideal weight and good skin elasticity. Also it is important to do not have a additional health problems. Non smokers patients are the best candidates for tummy tuck procedure. 

How you prepare for Tummy Tuck ?
Before scheduling your tummy tuck surgery, you must meet with our surgeon to discuss important factors that determine your needed treatment plan. Our surgeon will explain you what a tummy tuck surgery can or can not and what the results might be. They will inform also about what you should to do for a fast recovery.

A month before surgery 
We will give you all necessary preoperative instructions 1 month before your surgery
We kindly advise to stop smoking 1 month before a liposuction
Smoking slows the healing process after surgery.
One week before surgery 
One week before the surgery, you will be asked to send us needed blood tests.

We kindly advise you to avoid aspirin and other blood thinner medicaments as well as herbal tea should not be taken for two weeks ahead of tummy tuck surgery.

These kind of medicaments may increase bleeding

One day before surgery
We kindly advise to do not eat or drink any food and/or beverages after the midnight until your surgery time.

Surgery Day
You’ll have a consultation with our surgeon as well as with our anesthsia doctor.
Our doctors will conduct a complete physical examination before your surgery, including any laboratory tests, such as blood tests. Our surgeon will inspect your skin in order to determine what changements need to be made.

Tummy tuck surgery procedure 
A tummy tuck surgery takes approx. 2 hours.  
Tummy tuck can be done under general anesthesia.

Recovery Period
There may be swelling and pain that can be controlled with painkillers for a few days after the tummy tuck. Drains are removed 1-3 days and stiches are removed 1-3 weeks after the operation. You will have to stay in hospital for 1-3 days. It may take some months for you to feel like your old self. You can return to work 2-4 weeks after the operation. The incision made might look to be getting works for the first 3-6 months, but this is normal, as it takes 9 months to 1 year to heal and fade. Even though it won’t disappear, the scar can easily be hidden, even when wearing a bikini. Mini and full abdominoplasties create perfect results for patients with weak abdominal muscles or excessive sagging. Most patients can maintain the result with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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